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FLAT is a complete single-storey small house.

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Two people can live permanently in this cleverly designed house, while a family of three or four will be able to comfortably spend a weekend in it.

In this HOMM model you will find all the equipment for comfortable living: kitchen appliances, shower and bathroom, heating and ventilation systems, smart house control and LED lighting. All equipment and appliances are supplied by reliable manufacturers that provide warranties throughout all of Europe.

Cleverly arranged utilities will make your HOMM one of the most cost-efficient houses on the market and will allow you to save 25-30% on your electricity costs.

All of this will allow you to live comfortably. A large terrace will bring you closer to nature.

A clever layout of large windows and blind side façade connect internal spaces of FLAT with its surroundings, while allowing you to maintain your privacy.

A cleverly designed layout of FLAT will be perfect if you are planning to develop a small plot of land. It will allow you to build four to six or even more houses on one small plot without loss of privacy, light or outlook on neighbours. FLAT is a great choice for both, permanent residence and as a summer house/guest house.

Without terrace
With terrace:
Number of residents
Without terrace: 2 – for permanent residence
4 – for an overnight stay
With terrace: 2 – for permanent residence
4 – for an overnight stay
Size of the house
Without terrace: 8.00 m x 4.00 m
height – 3.50 m
With terrace: 8.80 m x 6.40 m
height – 3.50 m
Building area
Without terrace: 30.00 m2
With terrace: 52.90 m2
Interior area
Without terrace: 25.17 m2
total: 25.17 m2
With terrace: 25.17 m2 + 22.50 m2 terrace
total: 47,67 m2


55.900,00 EUR + VAT

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