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HUT is optimal size for a couple, minimalist, classical, highly functional house with a modern exterior.

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Thanks to its architectural solutions and natural construction materials, HUT can perfectly integrate in the wild. Its free and airy design will free your mind from all the domestic worries. Living in it is not only comfortable but also cost-efficient.

HUT’s windows can be arranged so that the house can face any direction. This will allow you to comfortably have privacy even if you are building other houses nearby.

HUT is equipped with modern heating and ventilation systems, smart house control and LED lighting. It is ideal for two people as a permanent residence, but will comfortably fit four for an overnight stay.

A large terrace can easily transform to a footpath: it can face a forest or mountains or be your path to a lake.

Without terrace
With terrace:
Number of residents
Without terrace: 2 – permanent living
4 – for overnight stays
With terrace: 2 – permanent living
4 – for overnight stays
Size of the house
Without terrace: 7.50 m x 4.00 m
height – 3.85 m
With terrace: 10.00 m x 5.20 m
height – 3.85 m
Building area
Without terrace: 30.00 m2
With terrace: 48.85 m2
Interior area
Without terrace: 22.25 m2 + 5.50 m2 loft
total: 27.75 m2
With terrace: 27.75 m2 + 18.85 m2 terrace
total: 46.60 m2


64.500,00 EUR + VAT

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