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SINGLE is a fully equipped, modern small house, designed for permanent living.

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In terms of functionality SINGLE can compete with much larger houses, due to its rationally designed layout.

Large windows connect living room with spacious outdoor terrace. Intelligent architectural solutions help maintain privacy, allowing you to feel both cosy and completely free.

In SINGLE, you will find a spacious living room, a functional kitchen, a bathroom, a wardrobe and many more features designed for modern living. Our cooperating with reliable partners ensures high quality and durability of equipment and appliances installed in SINGLE.

Just like all HOMM models, SINGLE is very cost-efficient. Advanced utility infrastructure ensures low electricity consumption every day at any time of the year.

SINGLE is great for small city spaces but would also fit in well in a natural setting. Thanks to its neat architecture, it is a perfect fuss-free alternative to building a guest house. However, we guarantee that as well as being suitable for small spaces, it is also perfect for your countryside getaways. We use natural, eco-friendly materials, and the design blends in perfectly with the nature.

Without terrace
With terrace:
Number of residents
Without terrace: 2 – for permanent residence
4 – for an overnight stay
With terrace: 2 – for permanent residence
4 – for an overnight stay
Size of the house
Without terrace: 8.50 m x 3.50 m
height – 3.50 m
With terrace: 11.00 m x 4.60 m
height – 3.50 m
Building area
Without terrace: 30.00 m2
With terrace: 50.60 m2
Interior area
Without terrace: 23.00 m2
total: 23.00 m2
With terrace: 23.00 m2 + 18.00 m2 terrace
total: 41.00 m2


55.200,00 EUR + VAT

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