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STUDIO is a special energy-efficient house that can become a cosy home for a family. The modern utility infrastructure in the house will optimize energy consumption at any time of the year.

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This cleverly designed house with lofts on both sides is suitable for a family of four for permanent living. However, it is large enough for a group of six for an overnight stay.

STUDIO is a warm house, equipped with everything you need for a year-round permanent living. Manufacturer’s warranties are provided for the equipment and appliances throughout all of Europe.

STUDIO may look small from the outside, but due to every detail carefully selected in the designing stages it feels spacious inside. This model is suitable to serve as a holiday home, a summer house or as a permanent residence.

Just like all HOMM models, STUDIO’s living room has large doors opening up onto a spacious terrace, extending your living space when the weather is warm.

Without terrace
With terrace:
Number of residents
Without terrace: 4 – for permanent residence
6 – for an overnight stay
With terrace: 4 – for permanent residence
6 – for an overnight stay
Size of the house
Without terrace: 8.50 m x 3.50 m
height – 3.85 m
With terrace: 10.00 m x 6.00 m
height – 3.85 m
Building area
Without terrace: 30.00 m2
With terrace: 48.82 m2
Interior area
Without terrace: 20.50 m2 + 7.80 m2
total: 28.30 m2
With terrace: 28.30 m2 + 18.82 m2 terrace
total: 47.12 m2


69.500,00 EUR + VAT

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