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LOFT is one of the HOMM series of modern modular houses. It is warm and works perfectly both for permanent living and as a seasonal/leisure house for guests or family in any climate conditions.

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We have spent many hours designing the functionality of this model. Despite its small size, a clever layout of LOFT allows you to feel as if in a much larger house.

LOFT is equipped with modern heating and ventilation systems, smart house control and LED lighting that significantly reduce energy consumption compared to traditional houses.

The model contains a spacious living room, a functional kitchen equipped with modern appliances, a fully equipped bathroom and many other facilities that keep up with the speed of modern living.

Large windows to a spacious LOFT’s terrace and smart architectural solutions combine the feeling of space with the need for privacy.

LOFT is perfect for those who have little building space. It can also serve as a garden house or a countryside lodge for those who love to spend time in the nature. The natural materials used in production and clever architectural solutions will facilitate LOFT’s perfect integration into any environment.

Without terrace
With terrace:
Number of residents
Without terrace: 2 – living permanently
4 – for overnight stays
With terrace: 2 – living permanently
4 – for overnight stays
Size of the house
Without terrace: 7.50 m x 3.98 m
height– 3.85 m
With terrace: 8.80 m x 6.40 m
height– 3.85 m
Building area
Without terrace: 30 m2
With terrace: 52.9 m2
Interior area
Without terrace: 23.70 m2 + 5.50 m2 loft
total: 29.20 m2
With terrace: 29.20 m2 + 21.00 m2 terrace
total: 50.20 m2


69.900,00 EUR + VAT

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